Standard Disclaimer: I am a certified mechanic by the shade tree only. I am not responsible for any injuries that may occur to anyone or damages to their vehicles when trying these modifications. Nor am I affiliated with any company that is mentioned in this site. Now click on the "How To's" for the tips.

This page has all of the info for the swap.

Details the procedures for my install.

Get the benefit of overdrive.

Ditch the Z-Bar setup.

Get T5 gearing, torque specs. & ID Tag information.

Some plans for the future and IFS plans.

This was done on a Falcon but will work on a Mustang.
My attempts to get this thing to handle.
Another Falcon Job but very detailed.
My loss your gain. Help me clean out my garage.
  A solution to fuel slosh & sucking air.
Add rear disk brakes to your pony.
Utilize the power of hydraulics to work that clutch.

There are several sites on my Links Page that have some excellent tech articles. Check out JamessW site for a headlamp relay article and a 66 into 65 dash tech article.  If you have some good tech articles please let me know so I can post them. This will help me help other Mustangers. Knowledge is everything.


2" x 72" belt sander

When you are in the fabricating business, you will need some good grinding tolls.  This is very useful to me.  The plans and parts can be sourced at USAKnifemaker  While it is a bolt together design I decided to weld this one since I had the capabilities.


Tube Bender

For making product this is another handy tool.  I got the plans at  Here is a video of the designers version in action.



God Speed.