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Granada Disk Brake Conversion


  1. Break loose front lug nuts, then jack car up and place 2 jack stands under the frame rails on each side of the car.
  2. Remove all brake fluid from the master cylinder and loosen brake lines on both sides of drum brakes, drain all excess fluid from the lines in a suitable container.
  3. Loosen ball joint nuts on upper and lower ball joints and tie rod ends and tie rod adjustment sleeve.
  4. Loosen and remove shock absorbers from shock towers and lower arms.
  5. Compress coil spring with suitable spring compressor.
  6. Remove the drum brake assembly and spindles as a complete unit from upper and lower A-arms. Caution at this point the pressure will be released from the spring seat. Remove the lower spring seat retainer and then remove the spring.
  7. You will want to remove the upper and lower arms from the car to clean and paint them Caution before doing this make sure that you count and mark the spacing shims between the upper A-arm and the chassis. If you do not do this you will have to have the entire front end realigned, it will change you caster and camber. To replace the upper ball joints chisel the 3 brads off and remove the ball joint. Line up the new ball joint and drill the 4 new holes to install when reassembling. This is a much stronger ball joint and is easily replaceable when necessary.
  8. Install the newly painted upper and lower arms, the new upper and lower ball joints, springs and spring seat, the painted Granada spindles and then pack new wheel bearings and install in new rotors (bearing races are already in these new rotors) install new rear seal on rotor. Bolt on backing plates and then install rotors onto spindles.
  9. Install the caliper mounting brackets and then install the calipers. Note: try to get equal spacing between the calipers and caliper mounting brackets. Do this with washers as spacers. This lets the rotor run true in the caliper prevents uneven brake pad wear.
  10. Install new flexible brake hoses, and you will note that you will need the adapters to connect the new Granada brake line to the steel lines at the chassis. You might also have to bend the brake line-mounting bracket slightly to obtain the correct alignment.
  11. Reattach shocks at shock tower and lower arm. Tighten up all ball joint nuts, and adjust the tie rod end adjusters to a temporary position.
  12. Fill master cylinder with brake fluid and bleed master cylinder and calipers until you have a hard pedal.
  13. Put wheels and tires back on the car. Jack up and remove jack stands. Torque wheels. Check the front-end alignment and adjust toe in according to specs.

Part Numbers for Granada Disk Brake




Spindles from 74-80 Ford Granada $100.00


NEW PARTS: (Auto Zone & Pep Boys)

Brake Rotors AIMCO #5419 2 @ $38.98 ea. 77.96

Outer Wheel Bearing Timken #A-12 2 @ $5.49 ea. 10.98

Inner Wheel Bearing Timken #A-13 2 @ $6.49 ea. 12.98

Inner Wheel Bearing Seal Timken #6815 2 @ $1.49 ea. 2.98

Brake Calipers* Rebuilt R #90069 1 @ $11.99 ea. 11.99

Rebuilt L #90070 1 @ $11.99 ea. 11.99

Tie Rod Ends McQuay-Norris #ES 445R 2@ $10.99 ea. 21.98

Upper Ball Joints McQuay-Norris #FA418G 2 @ $15.99 ea. 31.98

Brake Hoses Brakeware #88519 2 @ $10.99 ea. 21.98

Brake Pads Albany #D91 1 set @ $11.99 11.99

Brass Adapter 3/16" to ¼" Brass-Tite #43300 2 @ $1.49 ea. 2.98

Wheel Bearing Grease Valvoline #056537 DuraBlend 3.29

Brake Fluid Valvoline #150858 Synthetic (2) 9.98


Total cost for Project $333.06

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