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A lot of Mustangers want the added safety that rear disk brakes offer compared to drum brakes. Steve Ainsworth owner/operator of and I have joined forces to market a bracket kit that allows a person to add the rear disk brakes from a Lincoln Mark VII to your 8" or 9" medium bearing housing.

Most aftermarket kits are well engineered sets that are near or over the $1000.00 range. Other aftermarket bracket kits require you to buy additional expensive emergency brake cables. Our kit allows the use of the stock emergency brake cables.

Check out Steve's installation page for the project history and how to order a set for your car at Rear Disk Install. Steve's page explains in detail the installation process for a 15" rim or larger. The rest of this page will be devoted to installing a set of brackets to accommodate a 14" rim.

To install the bracket set on a vehicle with 14" rims. Several modifications of the brackets & parts used are modified. Different from the 15" installation requires the use of:

Additional modifications will need to be made the the axle flange. In the following photograph the top axle is unmodified. The bottom axle has had the 45 degree lip removed by a competent machine shop that has a large enough lathe to handle an axle.

See how different the axle flange looks after removal of the outer lip. It's now ready to go into a Versailles if needed.

This is the time to replace the wheel bearings and seals if needed. Also install the Versailles wheel studs now. This is needed since the rotor hat area is thicker on the Versailles rotor. I would recommend pressing out/in the studs before machining work.

Another item that has to be modified is the caliper bracket. The bracket on the right has had the center concave area further grinded out. This allows the caliper bracket to slip further down behinds the axle flange. This is a time consuming test & fit process. You will have to assemble & disassemble several times to get it to fit. The goal is to ensure you have full Mark VII pad contact on the Versailles rotor.

This is a photo to the splash shields. The one on the right still retains little tabs that I removed. They are gone on the left shield. Both have been drilled to mount to the caliper bolts.

A picture of the finished job.



To complement the rear disk brake upgrade. A master cylinder that has the fluid capacity to fully actuate the rear disks should be installed along with either a proportion valve. A 1978-80 master cylinder from a Granada will work great. Get the one that is for rear disks and non-power assist. This is a bolt in job using the pushrod from your car. Another master cylinder that will work is the Mark VII master cylinder. The Mark VII brake lines exit on the passengers side and the Granada exit on the drivers side. Be sure to get the fitting for the master cylinder from the donor car, so no fitting are required.

Parts for my conversion were purchased at O'Rielly's.

I also used an AN fitting and a section of 12" -3 steel braided line since it was easier to plumb than trying to make such tight bends.

Master cylinder Part # 10-1614 or Cardone # 10-1614.
Brake Line Adapter Fitting to mate with brake lines # 258403 & #258302. One each.



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