T-5 Transmission Installation

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Installing a T-5 is a straightforward process. If you have installed 3-4 speeds or automatics, this job is for you. Please visit  http://www.fordmuscle.com/archives/2000/09/t5swap/index.shtml  for a comprehensive explanation & pics of installing a T-5. This is a great site. I have only installed a T-5 with the cable setup explained on this site once, on a late model motor. I am not clear on using a cable setup on a 289 flywheel. I used the z-bar setup with the spacer plate & old bellhousing before I converted to cable. With the use of the optional 10-1/2" clutch & pressure plate for a 65-66 car and the late model bellhousing & throwout bearing. The cable setup MIGHT work. Try it at your own risk, but please let me know if it works or not.

If you have a late model 5.0 motor, be sure to have the proper flywheel, pressure plate & throw out bearing for that year. Install all parts as required on a Fox body car. An aftermarket crossover brace will be required. Check driveshaft length. The speedometer gear must be changed. I have a 9" 3:50 limited slip rear gear with 14" rims & P245 60R14 tires on the back. I use the black 20-tooth gear for a real close speed. Don't forget to connect the neutral safety switch wires. If your transmission has the neutral safety switch harness they can be tied into the ones on your firewall. Also make connections for the back up light wires & attach accordingly.

NOTE: I use a PRO-5.0 shifter on my car. The shifter must be off the transmission before installing the transmission or before removing the transmission. The shifter tower is very tall & will not allow the transmission to drop far enough down to remove the input shaft from the flywheel or to go high enough to go in. This also requires surgery on the center floor pan, remove just enough material to access all four bolts for the shifter. I made a dust boot from an old tire inner tube and used the late model fake leather boot to cover the shifter. This shifter is great, but it is big. I use the stock shifter handle and knob so you don't have to lean so far forward.

A new cross member will be needed. I bought mine from National Parts Depot, (www.npdlink.com). The one from www.RonMorrisPerformance.com appears that it would work well also. You want the low profile so additional exhaust work won't have to be done. www.WindsorFox.com has a good one but is bulky in my opinion.

Here are a few other T5 installation web sites that are helpful.




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