MAGNA Under Rider Traction Bars

& Suspension

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The traction bars were the best rear suspension upgrade I’ve done to date. The Bars were purchased from Mustangs Plus, in CA. 800-999-4289, One main reason for the purchase these bars is when installed, they are not as visible as with bolt on style traction bars.

The car exhibited severe wheel hop during launch at the track. These bars were easy to mount & gave the car a noticeable "planted" feeling during acceleration. They do require to be welded to the vehicle and two of the mounting holes had to be re-drilled/oblong along with the shackle mounting plate to match up to the axle u-bolts.

I bolted on the axle portion first & then welded the front pad area last. Make sure the car is level with the vehicle’s weight properly distributed on the suspension. This will ensure there is no pre-load on the bushings.

The front sway bar has been upgraded to a 1" bar. A rear sway bar and some Global West ( sub frame connectors will be my next upgrade.

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