Future Modifications

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Rack & Pinion

Used of the new Fatman's McPherson strut setups kits.  Love the setup.  There is a drawback with headers.

JME Gauge cluster: This is a trick setup that will allow the removal of that honking tach on the column. DONE... Love'em & well worth the money spent. I recommend the electronic speedometer. Never change Speedo gears again and you can recalibrate when you need to.

Tilt steering column: Grafted a Fox body steering column and a Saleen steering wheel.  Love it.

Global West Subframe connectors: These are some nice pieces. Check out their web site for photo's. DONE....This really made a big difference in making the car ride more solid and no more flexing. I think it quieted the car down actually!!

Tires & Rims: The stock steel style rims have been a nice setup. But the 14" rim is a little tight for the front braking system that will be installed with a possible Mll setup. American Racing Rims with BF Goodrich rubber. This is still in the planning stage. This is also a big consideration for people doing a rear disk brake upgrade also. Have to have at least 15" rims for it to be an easier job.

Three Point Safety belts: Last but not least these babies. DONE... These worked out well. So now i'm held snugly into place so the solid steering shaft won't miss!!! Got to get that steering corrected!!

Power Trunk Lock & Keyless Entry:: This will be a nice mod with the soon to be keyless entry along with a trunk light & 67 Mustang Dome light for the interior.. DONE..... Love the keyless entry. The dome light doesn't give off as much light as I hoped for. A power relay may be in line later.



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