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Test Vehicle Specifications

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1992 - 5.0 with GT-40 upper, Extrude Honed lower intake.

S-Trim Vortech Supercharger with 8 lbs. of boost.

42 lbs Ford Racing Injectors.
World Product heads Sr. milled 40 thousands
Edelbrock 65-mm throttle body
73-mm mass air and 10" conical K & N air filter
Lunati cam: Advertised Duration-279 IN, 286 EX. Valve lift .522 IN. .510 EX. Custom Ceramic long-tube headers, a
Dr. Gas  X-crossover
2-1/2" mandrel bent exhaust & Walker mufflers.

2.95 Cobra World-Class T-5z transmission with a Pro-5.0 shifter.

The rear gear is a 9" 3:50 limited slip.
MagnaTraction Master bars.
Total Control's Kit 1, sub-frame connectors & Kit 2, X-brace connector.

The battery has been relocated to the trunk and a 255-lph Header Tank/in tank fuel pump installed.

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